Everything you need to know about Ritchie Bros. auctions.

Whether your company is big or small, or you have one dozer of a fleet of trucks – you can sell with Ritchie Bros. We've been conducting live unreserved public auctions since 1958 and are now the world's largest industrial auctioneer – helping thousands of sellers around the world every year.

7 facts about our auctions

  1. We sell equipment for every industry.

    We sell more used equipment than any other company, and a lot of it is traditional construction equipment. But we also sell thousands of items used in transportation, mining, oil & gas, forestry and agriculture – as well as farmland and real estate.

    If it's used to dig, build, lift, haul, or farm – we can sell it for you.

  2. We conduct live unreserved public auctions.

    We conduct live unreserved public auctions with both on-site and online bidding. Every Ritchie Bros. auction is strictly unreserved. That means there are no minimum bids or reserve prices, and every item is sold to the highest bidder on auction day.

    Unreserved auctions are better for buyers, and sellers:

    • Attracts more bidders
    • Creates global fair market value
    • Gives interested buyers confidence
    • Creates more competition for equipment
    • Results in better returns
    • Delivers certainty of sale
  3. People trust us to get results - take a look at the numbers here.

    Na całym świecie w 2017 roku:

    • 4,5 miliarda USD łącznej wartości transakcyjnej brutto (GTV)
    • Ponad 400 publicznych aukcji z funkcją licytacji przez Internet
    • 78 cotygodniowych aukcji internetowych
    • Ponad 40 lokalizacji w 12 krajach
    • 3,3 miliona zarejestrowanych użytkowników
    • Średnio 4,4 miliona użytkowników miesięcznie
    • Ponad 170 tysięcy nabywców
  4. Ritchie Bros. sells more equipment to online bidders than anyone else.

    We're a recognized leader in online equipment auctions, selling more equipment and trucks than any other auction company - traditional, online or the best of both.

  5. Ritchie Bros. helps companies of all sizes.

    We can help you sell one or 100 pieces of equipment. We help companies of all sizes and we treat every customer equally – from one-person owner-operators to large multinationals.

  6. Auctions are the first choice for many equipment sellers.

    Most Ritchie Bros. customers represent ongoing, thriving businesses – they sell at our auctions when they need to renew equipment items or fleets, when they finish a project, or when they switch the focus of their business.

  7. Ritchie Bros. has operations around the world.

    Ritchie Bros. has 40+ permanent auction sites all around the world – in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. We also conduct auctions on farms, mine sites, construction sites or forestry camps, or we'll lease a piece of property for your auction.

    Learn more about selling equipment at one of our regular auctions.

Jim Allard - Allard Contractors Ltd. (Coquitlam, BC)

„Nie ma znaczenia, czy sprzedajesz urządzenia warte miliony dolarów czy jedna koparkę. Jesteś traktowany tak samo."

Jako wiceprezes firmy Allard Contractors, dostawcy kruszyw w Coquitlam w Kolumbii Brytyjskiej, Jim Allard prowadzi interesy z wieloma firmami, B.C. Co różni Ritchie Bros. od innych? Ludzie – mówi Jim. I kawał ciasta.

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Find out what your equipment is worth.

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