In our live auctions, similar items are sometimes sold as choice group. In the Timed Auction, you can create your own choice group. This is a good option if you want to buy a certain type of item, rather than a specific lot. For example, if we’re selling 10 identical gen sets and you want to buy three of them, you can create a choice group out of the 10 items and specify that you want a quantity of up to three. Follow steps below to create and bid on a choice group.


Select the Advanced Bidding tab

Select the Advanced Bidding tab. You will see the full list of upcoming lots. You can narrow your search by selecting a lot range or using the category dropdown menu or keyword search.

Select the Advanced Bidding tab

Create your choice group

Click in the check box next to each item you’d like to add to your choice group. You will see each lot number added to the list of ‘Lots selected.’ You can move between pages without losing your selections.

When you’ve selected your group, click >> Continue. A bidding screen will appear. Complete the following four steps.

Create your choice group

Confirm your selection

Step 1: Confirm your Selection. Remember: you cannot add or remove items from your group, or bid on them individually, after you have confirmed your bid in step 4. If you want to remove an item, click the check box then >> Update. If you want to add more items, click Cancel to return to the lot listing screen.

Confirm your selection

Choose a quantity

Step 2: Choose a Quantity. Select the maximum number of items you want to buy. Remember: you may not be successful on any or all of these lots.

Choose a quantity

Enter a Maximum Bid

Step 3: Enter a Maximum Bid. Your bid amount applies to each individual lot, not the group. If you are successful on multiple lots, you will be required to pay this amount for each lot (plus any additional fees and taxes).

Enter a Maximum Bid

Confirm your bid

Step 4: Confirm your Bid. Remember: once you place your bid, you cannot add or remove items, change your desired quantity or cancel your bid. Review your choices and click >> Confirm to place your bid.

Confirm your bid

Review the bidding

Click the link to My Choice Groups if you want to review the bidding on the lots you selected or increase your Maximum Bid. You cannot bid on an individual lot in your choice group; you can only bid on the group as a whole.


Dissolve a group

If you are no longer an ‘active bidder’ on any of the lots in your choice group, you have the option to dissolve the group. You are no longer an active bidder on an item if you have been outbid or if an item is sold (to you or someone else). After you dissolve the group, you can bid on one or more items from that group (unless they have been sold).


After the auction

To find out if you have been a successful bidder, go to View Purchases, My Choice Groups, or check under My Selections.


Important notes about choice groups:

  • You can only place Maximum Bids on choice groups, not Quick Bids.
  • Your Maximum Bid applies to an individual item, not the whole choice group. For example, if you place a Maximum Bid of $500 on up to three items in a choice group of 10, that means you are willing to pay up to $500 each for three items, or $1,500 in total.
  • You cannot change the quantity you’ve selected, add additional items or remove items from a choice group after you’ve confirmed your bid. Make sure you are certain before you place your bid. Note: you can increase your Maximum Bid.
  • Once you’ve added an item to a choice group and placed a bid, you cannot place bids on that individual item. You can only place bids on the group as a whole.
  • If you have no current active bids in a choice group (i.e. every item is either sold or someone else has outbid you), you have the option to dissolve the group and bid on one or more lots again.
  • The system will place your bids in a way that maximizes your chances of being a successful bidder. However, because individual bids can be placed on items in your choice group, you may not be successful on the lowest-priced item in the group.