Ritchie Bros. now offers equipment and truck leasing

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At Ritchie Bros., we’re always looking for ways to make buying heavy equipment and trucks as easy as possible—whether you’re buying at our unreserved public auctions or on our online marketplace, EquipmentOne. That’s why Ritchie Bros. Financial Services now offers equipment and truck leasing — as well as purchase financing—to customers in Canada and the U.S.

Get more of what you need and save your capital.

Now it’s even easier to get more equipment and trucks working on the job, while reducing your upfront costs at the same time. And because every business is different, flexibility is the name of the game. We work with select lender partners to find a solution that’s the right fit for your business goals, equipment needs, and financial situation, including 100% financing and a choice of leasing options.

Whichever option you choose, you can take advantage of competitive rates, low monthly payments, and flexible plans to free up working capital needed to run your business.

  • 0% down, low rates
  • Predictable, low monthly payments
  • Flexible plans & pay structures
  • Potential tax benefits*
  • Ability to bundle costs—pay for multiple equipment items & costs under one plan

Our application process is quick and convenient—most applications are processed within two business days, often on the same day. You can apply online or by phone: +1.855.331.5750

Heavy equipment ready to sell at a Ritchie Bros. unreserved public auction.

Different leasing options for different needs.

Ritchie Bros. Financial Services understands your business, and we know equipment and trucks. That’s why we don’t believe in one-size fits-all leasing. Our choice of leasing options includes terminal rental adjustment clause (TRAC), FMV (Fair Market Value), Buck Out, Capital & Operating, and Sale & Lease Backs.

Here’s a look at the differences between the lease options we offer:

TRAC - A terminal rental adjustment clause lease (TRAC Lease) combines all the advantages of leasing while retaining the option to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease term at a pre-determined residual agreed to when the lease starts. Your monthly payments on a TRAC Lease are determined by the residual price you establish at the start of the lease. Depending on your cash flow needs, you can select a higher end-of-term residual amount for a lower monthly payment, or keep the end-of-term residual lower to pay more through the stream of payments.

FMV (Fair Market Value) - A fair market value lease may also be referred to as a true lease. This type of lease provides several flexible options at the conclusion of the lease agreement. Typically, the lessee will have the option to return the equipment to the lessor, renew the terms, or purchase the equipment for the fair market value.

Heavy equipment selling at a Ritchie Bros. unreserved public auction.

Buck Out - A dollar buyout lease may also be referred to as a buck out lease. This type of lease guarantees the option to purchase the equipment for the amount of one dollar ($1) at the conclusion of the lease agreement. Customers that plan to keep the equipment at the end of the lease term typically select the dollar buyout option.

Capital & Operating - An operating lease is treated like renting—payments are considered operational expenses and the asset being leased stays off the balance sheet. There is no buyout of an Operating Lease.

In contrast, a capital lease is more like a loan; the asset is treated as being owned by the lessee so it stays on the balance sheet. A Capital Lease contains a bargain purchase option to buy the equipment at less than fair market value (set out at a predetermined amount: 10%, 15%, 20% etc).

Sale & Lease Back - If you have recently paid cash for some new equipment, RBFS can offer you cash for the equipment and convert your purchase into a lease. This is called a sale & lease back. If you have paid for the equipment within the last ninety days, RBFS can help you recoup your investment in the equipment and allow you to make low monthly payments. Certain credit guidelines must be met and certain documentation such as invoices and proof of payment must be provided as well.

Find the equipment you need at upcoming Ritchie Bros. unreserved auctions or on our online marketplace, EquipmentOne.

Learn more and apply for leasing or financing from Ritchie Bros. Financial Services. Or call 1.855.331.5750 to apply by phone or get more information.

*Tax regulations vary. Consult your tax advisor for more information.

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solsub on luty 02, 2018 said
Any of these leasing apply in Mexico? , even if you want to lease equipment from an auction in USA?
ritchiebros on czerwiec 04, 2018 said in reply to solsub
Hi solsub,

Sorry for taking so long to reply. Ficapex is our financing provider for Mexicans, and yes they can process equipment bought at a USA auction. Please let us know if you have further questions.
boss on sierpień 03, 2020 said
can I put the priority bid on pause until the auction starts?