Checklist for equipment buyers at Ritchie Bros. auctions

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It's never been easier to buy equipment and trucks at Ritchie Bros. unreserved auctions. From searching for heavy equipment to loading out your purchases, we do everything we can to make the entire process as easy as possible.

If you're planning to buy equipment or trucks for the first time at a Ritchie Bros. auction, or if it has been a while since you last purchased equipment at an auction, use our Checklist for equipment buyers at Ritchie Bros. auctions to make sure you're on track to buying the equipment or trucks you need.

Before you buy

Equipment buyers inspecting trucks

1. Sign up for a Ritchie Bros. account
With your free account you get access to all our online buyer tools and services, making it easier for you to find the exact item you need when you need it. You can also use your account to sign in and buy equipment listed on Ritchie Bros. Equipment One, a secure online marketplace for private equipment and vehicle sales.

2. View the auction calendar
Our auction calendar lists upcoming unreserved public equipment auctions around the world. Look for auctions near you, or start by searching for equipment in our current inventory.

3. Create and finalize your purchase list
With tens of thousands of items in our inventory, and more items added daily, the odds of finding the heavy equipment or trucks you need are in your favor. As you search our current inventory, review detailed equipment information and compare similar items side-by-side. To keep track of items that interest you, add the items to your Watchlist.

4. Inspect the items that interest you
For added confidence, visit the auction site to test and inspect the equipment, or send someone you trust to do the inspection for you. You can then finalize your purchase list and carefully consider the price you are willing to pay.

5. Get your financing in place
Access two years' of equipment selling prices to research the potential selling price range of the item you want and the maximum amount you are willing to bid.

Once you've established your bidding limit, consider applying for equipment financing. Finance your auction purchases at low rates and save your cash to run your business.

6. Register for the auction
Choose the bidding method that is most convenient. You can register and bid in person at the auction site, or register and bid online in real time. You can also place a proxy bid. Anyone can register to bid; it's free. You may need to place a refundable bid deposit.

7. Consider shipping options and customs
Use the online shipping service on our website to get free equipment transportation estimates before you buy. If you're planning to buy from another country, contact a local customs broker to discuss import/export regulations.

Auction Day

Bidding is underway

8. Check the auction schedule
Check the auction page on our website for a link to the sale day schedule. The schedule will tell you on what day and the order items/lots will be sold. You can also check the schedule in your listing catalog if you registered at the auction site.

9. Join the auction
Head to the auction site or enter the auction online at Be there early – every item is sold on auction day, so you don't want to be too late to bid on the equipment you need.

10. Place your bids
Every Ritchie Bros. auction is unreserved; there are no minimum bids or reserve prices, so you determine how much you are willing to bid. When the item you want is being sold, place your bids at the auction site or online in real time. If you're the highest bidder, that item is sold to you!

After you've bought

Convenient equipment shipping services for buyers and sellers

11. Pay and protect your investment
Pay for your purchases in person, online or by wire transfer. A release ticket will be issued when your invoice is paid in full. Before you pay, find out how you can protect your equipment with service warranties, all-risk cargo insurance or refurbishing.

12. Arrange equipment pick-up
Confirm load out hours, equipment specs and weight; get shipping quotes and arrange for equipment pick-up and delivery. You or your transportation provider must present the following documents before an item will be released from the yard:

  • Original item release ticket
  • Export paperwork (if required)
  • Bill of lading

13. Put your equipment to work!
Once you've collected your equipment, you're ready to put it to work—confident that it comes with clear title.

Get started: find the equipment and trucks you need being sold at an upcoming auction near you.

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