Celebrating 10 Years: 10 Reasons Why We Want to Thank Our Customers

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The Ritchie Bros. Financial Services team celebrates 10 years of helping customers

Ritchie Bros. Financial Services List 10 Reasons Why Customers Matter Most.

Ritchie Bros. Financial Services was created 10 years ago to support Ritchie Bros. customers with their financing needs. Today, we have grown from a dozen employees to over 250!

We provide customers with a wide range of financial solutions for shopping at any Ritchie Bros. selling event, and even outside of Ritchie Bros., including private sales and dealerships. From financing and refinancing, leasing, working capital, to insurance solutions.

Our customers are at the heart of our business and every decision we make. Right now, we have over $700 million in approvals! We couldn’t celebrate our 10th anniversary without thanking our customers.

We asked our Managing Director, Blake Macaskill, for 10 reasons why we’re thankful for our customers. Here’s why you're so important to us:

Reason 1: You've helped us learn, grow and improve as a business to ensure we can provide the best service possible

Every day is different at Ritchie Bros. Financial Services and every financial solution needs to take into consideration our customers’ business model. For example, one customer had multiple different companies registered to an umbrella parent company. For tax purposes, he wanted the ownership to be registered under one of them specifically. On paper, his financials associated with this company was losing money and on its own likely wouldn’t have garnered an approval. However, we used the parent company to get him over $1M in app-only approvals. He could have used cash, but he knew our solution worked out to be the best for his business.

Reason 2: You've become our extended family and friends

Everyone knows, a Ritchie Bros. auction such as Orlando, FL, is a great opportunity to purchase the equipment you need and to catch up with old faces. We consider our customers our friends and, in some cases, family. We think it’s special that our field representatives and customers will exchange Christmas cards. We truly do have your best interests at heart - you’re the reason we are able to provide the services we do!

Reason 3: You've shown us loyalty, even during times of uncertainty.

When the Alberta oil industry tanked in 2015, we still had those same customers working with us because of our service, ease of approval and purchases. You worked with us because of the relationship and the trust we’d established. You knew, we would get the job done smoothly and quickly and you trusted what we were selling.

The same can be said about the current COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve worked with our customers to provide the best possible solutions during an unprecedented time. Together, we’ve weathered through many uncertain times.

Reason 4: You’ve given us purpose by letting us help you grow your business and the economy

It’s exciting to talk to our customers about what they’re working on -- their passion is infectious. If it’s important to them, it’s important to us. We’ve helped so many young businesses and owner operators acquire their first machines, their second machines, and helped them build a fleet and a workforce employing many people.

Reason 5: You’ve helped us become the largest non-bank financial services company in the world

We’ve grown at an incredible rate. To the point where we are now able to provide financing for customers who purchase at our auctions and those who purchase privately or at dealerships. We’ve funded over $3 billion for tens of thousands of customers around the US in Canada – much of that from returning customers.

Reason 6: You’ve helped our people grow professionally

One of my favorite things about working at Ritchie Bros. Financial Services is seeing the growth in people. Due to the needs of the business, our employees have been able to grow into leadership positions and have learnt a lot from the daily interactions with our customers that they have taken on their management journey.

Reason 7: You’ve provided incredible feedback to enable us to improve our products and services

We provide all of our customers with surveys regarding their feedback, and it’s feedback we take seriously. It’s where ideas like 120 Days of No Payments are born, and other small changes we’ve made to our products and services over the years to deliver our customers the best speed, ease, and convenience in equipment financing.

Reason 8: You’ve contributed to us funding over $3 billion to help enable supply and demand of used equipment

That’s huge! No marketplace is balanced without equal representation between buyer and seller. I like to think we have had a big role in representing the buyers in this equation, and your trust in us is an honor and brings us purpose.

Reason 9: Our customers make the work fun

Part of the reason I love this job is because it’s a fun, positive uplifting place to work. This wouldn’t be possible if our customers weren't the same type of people. We spend a lot of time speaking to them on the phone or via email. Speaking to positive, driven and go-getter customers really rub off on us!

Reason 10: You’ve let us fund your dreams, together

It makes a huge difference when your day job is positively impacting people. In fact, it no longer feels like a job! Knowing that the work we do helps support your business growth means everything to us. No matter the size, from owner operators to large corporations, we enjoy working with you to fund your dreams!

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