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How to price and sell heavy equipment and trucks

Easy equipment valuation tools from Ritchie Bros.

If you own heavy equipment, at some point in time you might consider selling it for a variety of reasons – upgrading, need for a different machine, reinvesting the proceeds in your business, or retiring. Whatever the reason, one of the first things you’ll want to figure out is the value of the machine in the current market, how much it’s in demand, and where.

In the “old days”, the process of determining market value relied heavily on your own experience and connections with other equipment owners, dealers and brokers, as well as hours spent poring over “for sale” ads for similar machines. Luckily today, there’s a wealth of data and tools available online, making it more accessible to get an understanding of the value of your gear.

Ritchie Bros’ offers unmatched market data and insights to help guide you

At Ritchie Bros., we sell hundreds of thousands of equipment items every year around the world, which gives us unique insight into the global equipment market. Using combined data from our multiple sales channels, such as Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, IronPlanet, and Marketplace-E, along with industry-leading data from Rouse Services, we gather pricing, demand history and trends in the market. And we make this valuable data available to you to help guide your selling decisions.

How to price and sell heavy equipment and trucks

FREE equipment valuation & pricing tools and reports you can leverage

  • Ritchie Bros. Asset Valuator: This free online tool pulls historical data from various sources: Ritchie Bros. auctions, IronPlanet, Marketplace-E and Mascus. Using millions of previously sold items, it estimates the value of your equipment. Sign up and search today!
  • Used Equipment Market Trends Summary: Sign up for a subscription to our free monthly report. Every month, we’ll email you this report showing you global pricing trends for heavy equipment, trucks, and more, along with data on buyer demand by geographic region. Download a free sample of the report here.
  • Inventory Management System: Our Asset Valuator is included as part of this efficient platform and suite of tools that lets you see your equipment’s value with just a few clicks, upload your fleet spreadsheets, track assets internally, request inspections and appraisals, and sell equipment via a choice of sales channels, including self-listing.

Interested in the market value of your equipment? Sign up for our free tools or talk to your Ritchie Bros. representative and find out how we can help you with valuation and selling.

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